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Internet Untapped Success Lies In Villages & Local Languages, Feels Sachin Pilot
Friday, March 16, 2012 - Cloud Bulletina href
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Minister of State for Communications and IT, Sachin Pilot, while speaking ‘Mobile Web Initiative in India’ shared some of his views about the Internet penetration in India.

The conference organized by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and W3C India, had many prominent politicians speaking about the lack of growth in the rural India.

Mr. Pilot feels that the lack of regional language support is a major roadblock. However, it also is an untapped opportunity for entrepreneurs. The dignitaries like Satyanarayana, Secretary –IT, Ministry of Communications and IT expressed surprise that though the mobile population has swollen to over 800 Million, Internet penetration is just breaking the single digit growth. He too thinks availability of content only in English is the major hurdle as literacy rate in English is less than 20%, but overall literacy in local languages is over 50%. Why then are not websites readily available in native languages?

Mobiles have brought on a revolution in India; however, their use is primarily for calls, SMSs & entertainment. But, if decent speed internet & content in local languages is made available to the rural population, India could witness a never-before-seen spurt in IT related growth.

That said, the Indian Govt. has already taken some good initiatives in providing information to farmers & villagers. Ironically, the National Telecom Company BSNL is still struggling to get basic telephony & internet to the remote locations. IAMAI had at one time, proposed that providing cheaper broadband is vital for a nation’s growth. Let’s hope everyone concerned is listening. Do you think making websites in regional languages is enough to boost India’s growth?
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